A new star of the reality show has been born.


Not it is necessary to contribute more elements than they demonstrate as CIA it manufactures characters to act against the Cuban Revolution, the list is long and well-known.

For some months they model a new figure to try to accuse Cuba of the death of an old contrarrevolutionary, Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, for that which one of their three children has been lent, in this case noted Rosa María Payá Acevedo; to change the North Americans consented to grant him/her a visa like political refugee for her, their mother and their two siblings.

It is known perfectly that Oswaldo Payá died in an automobile accident provoked by the Spanish Ángel Carromero who correspondent went to Cuba for Esperanza Aguirre of Popular Party, with the purpose of distributing the money to finance the activities internal contrarrevolutionaries, something that could provoke a freezing of the relationships between Cuba and Spain, when being about an injerencia in the internal matters of the Island.

Evidently, the Cuban government with a wide experience in the confrontation to coarse provocations devised by CIA, didn’t fall in the trap and he decided to judge Carromero for homicide, when driving to excess of speed, something usual for him in Spain. Their trial had all the procedural guarantees and the presence of the plenipotentiary ambassador from Spain and the general consul in the Island, added the foreign credited press. Their result was endorsed by the own ambassador who qualified him of exactly.

Cuba consented to surrender it to Spain and that it turned the 5 years of privation of freedom in its country. After 6 months in their homeland and with Rosa María Payá in Miami, Carromero made its first declarations retracting of that admitted during the trial, and starting from that fact she began in United States the not well deliberate campaign that to Payá it killed” “him the Cuban police;

North American old stratagem of creating a legend, with included star.  But they didn’t count with which the Government from Spain would not be lent for that story and it has been them very difficult to begin to walk the propagandistic machinery, costing CIA double the foreseen money, when having to walk Rosa María and to his mother, Ofelia Acevedo of Payá, for Latin American and European several countries, with the objective of repeating until the fatigue the lie manufactured in the general barracks of Langley, Virginia.

When not being accepted the demand in the Spanish tribunals, neither for the prosecutor’s office, and to be rejected by the Spanish own Chancellor the false version cackled by the deceased’s daughter, CIA deployed other resources like the one of proclaiming it for the magazine People, among the 25 more influential women of the hemisphere, something identical to that they made with Yoani Sánchez, when their launching like international figure began.

In the face of the legal rejection of the version of CIA everywhere, it has not been them another alternative that to take to Rosa María before the UN, later to the popularization of the magazine People, in an artifice to give her supports public, where it demanded an international investigation about the father’s death again, intention supports for its only patron: the Government from the United States.

However, CIA knows ahead of time that that intent will finish in failure to be false, not to have the back of the Spanish prosecutor’s office and also because alone in the year 2012 45 journalist and workers of the press were murdered in Latin America and Caribbean, according to reports of journalists’ organizations to the Commission of Investigation of Attacks to Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, and none of them was Cuban. According to reports of journalists’ organizations, the murders concentrated on Mexico (17), Brazil (10), Honduras (9), Bolivia (4), Colombia (2), Argentina (1), Ecuador (1) and Haiti (1). Also, they murdered 4 women journalists, students of the profession and press workers that represent the victims’ 9%.

In these cases special investigations were not demanded to the UN and the one it Converses European, neither they have been organized international tours with all the paid expenses for their relatives, what demonstrates Rosa’s construction once again María like new figure of CIA.

At the end that each one serve their own conclusions and it is possible that this youth finishes as the mother from deceased Orlando Zapata Tamayo, accusing to the organizations anticubanas of Miami of using it and later to leave it to the drift.




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